Polish Kuchnia

Polska Kuchnia - Learn Polish Cuisine - Brought to you by PolishYoungstown.orgEver wish you had a Polish ciocia to teach you her method for pinching a pretty pierog? Or a Babcia to tell tales about walking to her wedding at St. Casimir while showing you how to whip up żurek that will always remind you of Christmas Eve?

That’s exactly the idea behind Polska Kuchnia, PolishYoungstown’s outreach project that hopes to share the traditions of the kitchen before these recipes and stories are lost forever.

Our goal is to pair experienced ethnic cooks and bakers with eager students like you from around the Mahoning Valley and region for a warm, informal gathering that offers more than just new recipes.

Small classes encourage an intimate experience—like being at someone’s home—and provide an enhanced experience through a day of shared bounty and stories.