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Living Traditions Folk Ensemble
was created to keep alive the Slavic dances, songs and culture of the Polish, Croatian and Carpatho-Rusyn people, but it certainly doesn't end there.
Captured by the charm of the entire surrounding region, their collection of costuming, song, dance, and cultural expertise has expanded to include much of Eastern Europe. From the royal style of an elegant Polonez/Mazur suite, to the rollicking axe dances of Carpathian shepherds, to the military inspired Czárdás originating in Hungary, and to the Polish-American polka, the ensemble’s repertoire is wide and always growing.
LTFE tries to stay as true as it can to the spirit of village life. And just as children are a big part of celebrating that life, they are a big part of the ensemble. By dancing along with the adults, teens and senior citizens, children learn, grow, and carry on the folk traditions for a new generation. Founded in 2000, the Brecksville Ohio-based group offers folk dance workshops, presents cultural education programs, and performs for community events throughout the Eastern United States.

Polka Country Musicians
Wally Dombrowski attended polka dances since he was a toddler and became enamored by the trumpet by age two. When his rhythmic drumming on sand pails caught their attention, he was encouraged to learn polka with his brother Rich. Rich founded the Polka Country Musicians in 1977 when he was 18 and Wally was just nine. The brothers took the music their parents loved and made it their own. The Polka Country Musicians play a version of the Chicago style called “push.” Push polka bands typically feature double horns, accordion, concertina, bass, and drums. Over the years, the band developed its own distinct sound and have gained a reputation for covers of country songs.

Chardon Polka Band
is not your average polka band. They are a group that brings new life and energy to this traditional music. In their twelve years together, the band has developed a reputation for being innovative and adaptable with the ability to please almost any audience; whether it be 20-somethings at a college hang-out or the patrons of a local senior center. They are known for adding a colorful twist to the traditional genre of the polka. While the group has an extensive catalogue of traditional polkas, they are not afraid to bring their own tunes into the mix along with polka-pop covers of artists like Justin Bieber and Lady Ga Ga.

Lil Lenny & the Polka All-Stars