Dear Aundrea,
On behalf of the Arab American Community Center of Greater Youngstown, I want to express our great sympathy for all those killed in this most terrible accident.  From our community to yours, please let Polish Youngstown know that the local Arab American community appreciates the magnitude and bitter historical irony of this great tragedy.
Palestine today, like Poland at one point in her history, has been wiped off the map.  But, also like Poland, Palestine will live free again someday soon, we hope and pray.
Below is the notice of a very special event happening in the Holy Land (Occupied Palestine, in fact) of which I thought you would want to be aware.
Ray Nakley

Under the Patronage of Mr. Mahmoud Abbas,

the President of Palestine,

The Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and the Society of the Polish Universities Alumni cordially invites you to attend the Memorial Mass for the victims of the Polish airplane crash. 

The mass will take place on Sunday April 18th 2010 at the Church of the Nativity- St. Kathrine Church in Bethlehem. 

You are most welcome.

Palestine stands in Solidarity with all the people of the world 


تحت رعاية سيادة الرئيس محمود عباس حفظه الله
رئيس دولة فلسطين
وإكراما لذكرى ضحايا حادث الطائرة الرئاسية البولندية
تتشرف وزارة السياحة والآثار
وجمعية خريجي جامعات ومعاهد بولندا
بدعوتكم للمشاركة في القداس على ارواح ضحايا الحادث 
وذالك يوم الأحد الموافق 18/4/2010 الساعة السادسة مساء 
في كنيسة القديسة كترينا في نيت لحم.

Pod patronatem Prezydenta Palestyny Mahmuda Abbasa
Minsterctwa Turystiki Archeologii i Towarzystwa Absolwentow Uczelni Polskich w Palestynie w niedziele dn. 18.04.2010 o godzinie 18 zostanie odprawiona w Kosciele
Sw. Katarzyny w Betlejem msza swieta w intencji poleglych w katastrofie
polskiego samolotu prezydenckiego do uczestnictwa w ktorej zapraszamy.
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