WWII Anders Army Talk at YSU
PolishYoungstown in collaboration with the Maag Library, YSU History Club & YSU Slavic Student Association present a book talk and exhibit on the historically important, but often overlooked Polish Anders Army. Andrew Bajda, assistant business professor at
Cuyahoga Community College, will be joined by his 95-year-old father, a veteran of the Polish fighters. Bajda’s historical novel Captured in Liberation is a first-hand account of his Polish father’s long-hidden story. Bajda will speak on Anders Army and how his family was part of that story. His backdrop will be the 15-panel Trail of Hope exhibit that is a pictorial synopsis of Norman Davies' best seller. Currently traveling the nation, the panels tell the story of how the Polish Army was formed in Siberia and how they because a formidable fighting force during WWII. Youngstown has its own veteran of this brave force. New Springfield resident Adam Baran will be attending the event with his son to share stories of his experience as well. Free & open to the public Refreshments provided
BACKGROUND: Anders' Army was the informal yet common name of the Polish Armed Forces in the East in the 1941–42 period, in recognition of its commander Władysław Anders. The army was created in the Soviet Union but, in March 1942, based on the British-Soviet-Polish understanding, it was evacuated from the Soviet Union and made its way through Iran to Palestine. Overcoming many obstacles, the troops passed under British command. These brave citizen soldiers provided the bulk of the Polish Second Corps, a part of the Polish Armed Forces in the West. With the corps, troops from Anders Army fought in the Italian Campaign, including the Battle of Monte Cassino. Their contribution is highly valued in Poland and frequently commemorated in names of streets and other places.

Celebrate Fat Tuesday in a festive fashion

WE'VE GONE Paczki CRAZY! Join us TUESDAY morning between 6:30 - 8:30 AM to welcome the arrival of the pączeki Kravitz Deli from Plaza Donuts and enjoy your FIRST PaCZEK for FREE!!!! It will be Liberty Pride party celebrating this local collaboration complete with the Liberty Township Trustees, a police escort, Malay Spiva and the WFMJ Today morning show! Be part of the fun and take a dozen to work or school!
When we started our paczki celebration a number of years ago, we chose to bring the Polish donuts to the American date – Fat Tuesday! Join us for the 6TH ANNUAL Paczki, Polkas and Piwo party at Kravitz Deli Belmont Avenue on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM. Donut and food specials are available at the Garden Cafe, too! Enjoy from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. We are ready to satisfy even the most indulgent sweet tooth with your favorite flavors - plain, apricot, lekvar/plum, poppyseed, custard, and, of course, the original and most authentic - rose hip jam! Prices are $2-paczek - $10-six paczki - $18-one dozen.  PREORDERS AVAILABLE Call 330-759-7889.
Translated as Donuts, Dancing and Draught, this LAST CHANCE BEFORE LENT celebration offers you with delicious paczki, Polish-inspired specialty foods and big corned beef sandwiches! Add to that musicians and Paczki Royalty and you've got a happy, toe-tapping, game-playing and give-away filled day!
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Music by DJ Larry Walk from Happy Polkaland at lunch and the  Paczki All-Stars Polka Band for dinner! AND, for ONE DAY ONLY, our delicious creation the PACKZI SLIDER!! It is a plain, buttered, sugary paczki donut, grilled on the flat top joined by grilled kielbasa and dressed with red onions, brown mustard, and of course because it is Kravitz, a pickle slice!
Who doesn’t love to win a prize?! Join us in the fun as we host an express version of this popular game of chance themed around Poland’s historic royal dynasties. Players can buy a chance to select a card. The person whose ticket is drawn, gets to pick a card. If the card selected is the Paczki Queen of Hearts, the player wins, the pot!  If not the game starts again.  Join us from 5 – 8 PM for some history and fun!

Add to this Jack’s great food specials and the chance to wash it all down with some nice cold Polish beer and you’ve got the makings for a great party!!

Youngstown is dealing with the recent closing of Northside Hospital and facing the shutdown at Lordstown, so Jack Kravitz and I decided it is more important than ever to BUY LOCAL! So to keep our money in the Mahoning Valley, so we have collaborated with Plaza Donuts to create the delicious paczki working from the recipes of the grandmas before us! As an added bonus this will keep us in fresh paczki ALL DAY LONG!

Support your local businesses/organizations that celebrate your heritage!

News from Poland by Ted Mirercki
Poland to plough billions into military upgrade
Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said last week that he has signed off on plans to invest substantial funds into Poland’s armed forces. The upgrade in modernized equipment would be used to bolster NATO’s eastern flank.  Błaszczak said that modern equipment would be used to strengthen the country’s eastern border, which lies on the eastern flank of the NATO military alliance. He added that he had no doubts that the United States would step up its military presence in Poland. Learn more about this story and more in the most recent edition of Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
Tuesday, March 5 Pączki, Polkas & Piwo, Kravitz Deli... Tuesday, April 9 Eastern European Congress of Ohio banquet... May 3 YSU Study trip to Eastern Europe... Saturday, May 5 Krakusy Society of Youngstown Constitution Day Celebration... Sunday, August 18 Polish Day! And you know there will be more to come!

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