Even though the Poles do not celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little Polish to your annual celebration. The folks at the language company, Babbel, are pitching me pretty hard to get back to studying Polish. They sent these helpful phrases today so I thought I’d share them for you to use! Click on the blue link and you should be able to hear it pronounced, too!

·         Welcome to the family!                          Witaj w naszej rodzinie!

·         I'm so happy to talk to you in Polish!       Cieszę się, że mogę z Tobą porozmawiać po polsku!

·         It's good to see you again.                     Jak dobrze znów Cię widzieć.

·         I'm glad we are all together.                   Cieszę się, że jesteśmy wszyscy razem.


And no one says that you can’t add a little Polish flavor to your family dinner … perhaps serving Lisa Lotze’s award-winning carrot pierogi stuffed with spinach and asiago cheese or Jack Kravitz’s sweet potato pierogi .… Check out our friendly Chef Babara Rolek’s column and recipes on the subject here

Be Part of the Holiday Parade while Showing Your Slavic Pride
The Simply Slavic leadership team is looking for YOU to make a splash at this year’s annual Downtown Holiday Parade and tree lighting. They are looking to each of the 13 nations to represent and present a group of happy Slavs. PYTown will provide the Polish Flag and banner to carry it along the short parade route. The response we received from the crowd last year was great! Can you help us make sure Poland is represented? Mark your calendars for Friday, November 30 at 5 PM for staging and step off at 5:30 PM. For more info, call (330)-333-1441

Polish Arts Club invites you to Wigilia
Wigilia (vee-GEEL-yah), which literally means "Vigil" or "waiting" for the birth of Baby Jesus, is the Polish Arts Club's annual celebration and re-creation of what Poles around the world gather to do each Christmas Eve night. We hope you can join us again this year to enjoy one of our most treasured Polish traditions. The annual event will take place on Sunday, December 2, 2018 at Holy Apostles Parish - Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, 421 Covington Street in Youngstown. The event starts at 4 PM Social hour 5 PM sharing of opłatek followed by a traditional Wigilia dinner.  Entertainment includes singing of kolędy and a basket raffle.  Paid Reservations are due by November 27.  To secure a spot, please contact Jackie Johnson at 330-726-9992.  To donate to our basket raffle, contact Polish Arts Secretary Michele Jenoff at 330-501-7190 or nursemj@zoominternet.net Celebrate the holiday season with this very special annual event!

Annual Sękacz cake sale underway
Sękacz (seng-kach) cake is a popular event cake from eastern Poland that is incredible in taste and shape. Its thick, rich batter contains 40 or 50 eggs, and it is baked by pouring ladles full of batter onto a rotary spit in open oven or over a very hot wood-burning fire. As the batter bakes, it forms what look like branches. It is rotated over and over again for 10 hours. When it’s done, you stand it up vertically so that all the “branches” stick out and slice it horizontally to see the “tree rings.” In the old days, sękacz was only baked for holidays and weddings because of the time and expense to make. Get your own tasty cake! We bring it in from one of only a handful of such bakeries in the America just in time for the  holidays. Learn more and place your order HERE For more info call 330-333-9724.

News from Poland by Ted Mirercki
World celebrates with Poland
If you’ve heard just about enough of the celebrations around the world on our PYTown Facebook page last week then this quick Chicago Tribune summary is perfect for you! Click here
If you are still eager for a little more pride, nostalgia and analysis, then this Center for Euro
pean Policy Analysis piece is of interest. Click here
And if you want to see some of the disturbing nationalistic propaganda that was being used to rally likeminded folks check
this out. When the parties were over, other things did happe this week. Read about it in the most recent edition of Polish Media Watch.

Calendar Highlights
November 12- 30 Annual Sękacz cake sale… Friday, Nov 30 Youngstown Christmas Parade…Saturday, Dec 1 Polish Kids Corner… Sunday, Dec 2 Polish Arts Club of Youngstown Wigilia Saturday, Dec 15 Polish Kids Corner …And you know there will be more to come!

Do Zobaczenia!
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