Dear Aundrea,

Congrats to you and the entire Kulig Planning Committee!

What a great event!

Everyone in our group of 5 (The Bayowski Family from Mineral Ridge, Austintown and Villa Maria , PA. ) had a great time...everything was great...the food...pieroghies...pivo...music...carriage ride...somemores...kielbasa...

And the best part yet...it brought together a people with a strong tradition of joy and the ability to share merriment and life!!

You hit the ball out of the park... Mill Creek Park ....and cudos to them for a great job working with your group...the evening's activities "showcased" the phenomenal park/heaven that we've got here in the Mahoning Valley !!!

I can't spell it...but its something like "Cadi me pogemi da domo"...remember us out front last night?? and in the sleigh?

Thanks for all of your hard work and vision to make Kulig such a wonderful experience for us all...Poles...and our friends from all natiionalities!! We look forward to next year's Kulig and other activities PolishYoungstown sponsors!!

Alan Bayowski
Grandparents arrived in USA in 1913!
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