Tour of the Polish archives at Western Reserve Historical Society
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I wanted to invite you to a private tour of the Polish archives at Western Reserve Historical Society.

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Search: Youngstown (Youngstown is in the Western Reserve) Date: March 27Th at the WRHS Library & Museum Starts at 2:00 - 5:00pm Admission and parking are free. Margaret Burzynski-Bays, Curator of Manuscripts Library/Archives and Genealogy Center and Professor John Grabowski helped coordinate this meet and greet event. The plan is for Margaret to start with a "show and tell" of different Polish photographs and documents in WRHS collection and than take us on a "behind-the-scenes" tour of the library. We are allowed approximately 30 representatives of Cleveland's area Polish community to attend. If the attendance is greater then we will break up into two tours. Please let me know if you and a few of your members would like to attend.

As a side note: I'm trying to get the Polish community to begin to annually donate a digital copy of their events. I'm going to be asking them to save a .pdf file of their program guides and burn it to a community CD. Yearly Cd's could then be donated to all interested Library's and College's. The Cd's would serve as a reference for people doing research. With all of your hard work and successful outreach at Polish Youngstown, you would be a asset to help coordinate this modern day approach to archiving the Polish Communities. Please let me know if your interested. Sincerely, Gary Kotlarsic 216-513-6646

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