Annual Pączki Sale Announced

Although they look like jelly doughnuts, pączki are made from especially rich dough containing eggs, fats, sugar and sometimes milk. Traditionally, a small amount of spiritus or grain alcohol is added to the dough before cooking; as it evaporates, it prevents the absorption of oil deep into the dough. Once again this year, PolishYoungstown will be bringing these delicious seasonal treats to town for your enjoyment. They will be ready for pick-up on Fat Tuesday, February 13 starting at 8:00 AM at Kravitz Deli’s Liberty and Poland Library locations and 10 AM at Mill Creek Park’s Davis Center. With the help of the award-winning bakers at Kiedrowski’s Simply Delicious Bakery, we are ready to satisfy even the most indulgent sweet tooth with your favorite flavors – plain, apricot, lekvar/plum, poppyseed, custard, and, of course, the original and most authentic - his famous rose hip jam! Prices are $2-pączek - $10-six paczki - $18-one dozen.

Make it festive all day long!
Plan to celebrate Fat Tuesday in a special fashion by picking up your donut order AND  joining us for a celebration complete with delicious pączki, Polish-inspired specialty foods and big corned beef sandwiches at the 5th Annual Pączki, Polkas and Piwo on February 13 starting at 8:00 AM and lasting all day long at  Kravitz Delicatessen locations. Translated as Donuts, Dancing and Draught, this celebration brings you musicians, folk dancers and Pączki Royalty as they take this happy toe-tapping, game-playing and give-away filled party through the various deli locations throughout the day. Back by popular demand – Larry Walk from Happy Polkaland and Pączki Polka All-Stars Band at Liberty location!  Add to this Kiedrowski’s delicious pączki and Jack’s great food specials; then wash it all done with some nice cold Zywiec beer, and you got the makings for a great Pre-Lenten celebration. For more information, call 330-333-9724.

More than one way to create a pączek
A few years ago, we assisted a local couple with their wedding. They met online talking about their Polish American pride and wanted to reflect that in the ceremony and celebration. The most challenging part of the whole wedding was not the food – just the stuffed cabbage. We sampled gołąbki everywhere in the Valley and even in Cleveland and Pittsburgh. None of it satisfied the couple who said, “it just doesn’t taste like my mother made it.” If that’s how you feel about our paczki, I encourage you to place an order with Marta Mazur at Krakus Polish Deli & Bakery at 7050 Market Street in Boardman. The sweet treats there are quite different from the recipe passed down from the Kiedrowski Babcia to her family and could be just what you are looking for on Tuesday! For more info, call 330-758-8333.



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Can't wait to celebrate?
Polish bakeries all over America where they are slaving away over hot oil making pączki in preparation for these celebrations that start early in month. NEW THIS YEAR our friends in Slavic Village-Cleveland are going big with their festivities! They are  hosting FLEET FAT THURSDAY a sweet parade & party on Tłusty Czwartek  or Fat Thursday…same concept as Fat Tuesday, but a few days earlier! Organizers say the event will help introduce Clevelanders to this Old World Polish celebration. On the Thursday before Lent starts, many people in Poland dedicate the day to celebrating and eating rich foods that will soon be forbidden, paczki! It's seen as a kick-off to six days of feasting until fasting starts on Ash Wednesday. The Pączki Parade will kick off at 6 p.m. in front of Seven Roses Deli at 6301 Fleet Ave. It will march to the Magalen Art Center down the street where there will be a party to keep the fun going. Provided by Seven Roses bakers, pączki PLUS pierogi, stuffed cabbage and beer will be great buys. Don’t worry though – you can polka the calories away to the sounds of the Tom Katrenich Orchestra. Free admission. Proceeds from food sales will go towards Slavic Village's April 29 Polish Constitution Day Parade.


Calendar Highlights
Saturday, February 10 the one that started them all, the Pittsburgh Polish Cultural Council’s lovely OstatkiZabawa Karnawalowa, Polish School Cleveland... Stay tuned in March for the annual Polish Arts Club Tea & Scholarship event at the Butler Institute of American Art and the PAC Memorial Mass!


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